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About Us

   Founded in October 2020, Dark Brew Press is located in Alberta, Canada where there is nothing better to do but read books for the eight months of winter we experience here. However, those long cold nights are not the inspiration for the humble origins of this company.

   At the time of formation, founder, Crystal L. Kirkham, was working as a managing editor for a different publishing company. When they, sadly, announced that they would be closing their doors, she decided to branch out and start her own company. It was intended as a platform to move her own works to, but what began out of necessity bloomed into something more.

   It didn't take long before other authors asked for her to bring their work over to the new company, trusting her to give their stories a new and wonderful home. With the blessings of her current employer, she, obviously, didn't say no, and Dark Brew Press expanded into a fully-fledged independent publisher.

   From this simple start, came the central belief of Dark Brew Press. We want to not only produce quality stories, but we want to give new and emerging authors a chance in publishing. We all must start somewhere, and in this competitive business, we all can use a helping hand.


Crystal L. Kirkham
Crystal L. Kirkham

Crystal L. Kirkham began her journey into this industry when she decided to self-publish her first novel. Since those early days, she's learned a lot about editing, formatting, cover design, and more when it comes to publishing. 

She eventually came to work for a publisher, and became a Managing Editor with them. While she still finds passion in creating her own worlds with the written word, she has fallen in love with being able to help others get their works out into the world. 

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