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Our Talented Authors

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Stephen Coghlan

Stephen Coghlan is an ever-expanding multi-genre, small-house published author who writes out of Canada's National Capital, who started writing in his teens for the same reason most young men do anything, to try and impress someone they have a crush on. The love of the written word outlasted that relationship, and while Stephen may have matured as a person and an author, his sense of humor has remained deceptively juvenile.

Books with Dark Brew Press: Urban Gothic

David Dixon
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David Dixon has been writing fiction and non-fiction for over twenty years.  A husband, father of two, and Army veteran whose combat days are long behind him, he lives in Northern Virginia where he writes across a variety of genres and topics.  He believes that for every person and every place, there's a story, whether it's a comedy, tragedy, or something in between--and it's his hope to write them all.

Books with Dark Brew Press: The Damsel, Six-Gun Shuffle, & Hell Hath No Fury

J.D. Kellner

J.D. Kellner’s affinity for science fiction and fantasy attracted him to the writing world. When not working on his next novel, J.D. writes musings and short stories for his website, Outside of the literary world, J.D. spends his free time with his family and friends enjoying life to the fullest. J.D. Kellner lives with his family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Books with Dark Brew Press: The Cranes of Blackwell

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Crystal L. Kirkham

Crystal L. Kirkham is a multi-genre speculative fiction author and podcaster. She has published several full-length novels and has been a part of multiple best-selling anthologies.

Originally from the west coast of British Columbia, she now chooses to call a tiny hamlet in central Alberta her home. She is an avid outdoors person, unrepentant coffee addict, part-time foodie, and companion to several delightfully hilarious canines.

She will neither confirm nor deny the rumours regarding the heart in a jar on her desk or the bottle of readers' tears right next to it. However, she will confirm that she once broke the metal handle to a 4-tonne car jack with her bare hands.

Books with Dark Brew Press: Falling Light & Rising Darkness

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