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Six-Gun Shuffle by David Dixon

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Recommended Read winner in the 2023 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards

Snake and the boss have made a lot of enemies, but up until their trip to Yaeger, they’ve never had any beef with Michael Ver, the galaxy’s most bankable popstar—mainly because they hadn’t met him before. After the boss teaches Ver a lesson about the difference between looking tough and being tough, he finds himself a minor viral video star and catches the eye of a gorgeous redhead named Kell.

Things are looking up.

That is, until Kell goes missing and the boss goes after her. After a shootout with Ver’s crew, things go from bad to worse—nobody can find Ver, and Snake and the boss are the prime suspects in his disappearance. The next thing they know they’ve got a bounty on their heads and hardly a friend in sight. Carla and Kell are the only people they can count on, but has Kell been playing a different game all along? It’s a mixed-up tale of bounty hunters, crooked cops, popstars and… insurance agents?... in Six-Gun Shuffle.

ISBN Paperback: 978-1-990317-05-7 eBook: 978-1-990317-04-0

Released December 21, 2021


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