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Become an ARC Reviewer

   Advanced Reader Copy, or ARC as it's more commonly know as, is a way for many publishers to help develop hype for their upcoming releases. There are a lot of great review services out there, and we do use some, but we also know there are a lot of people who really love to read and review books that aren't a part of these services or those who specifically like to work with smaller, independent authors and publishers. 

ARC Reviewer Requirements

   There are only a few things that we ask for those who wish to review ARC copies of our work. 

  • That you do not share your copy of the novel with anyone else

  • That you leave a review on at least two or more sites listed in the next section

  • That you are honest, but kind when leaving any review (even a bad review can be done nicely)

  • A kindle account (we currently send all requested ARC's directly to your kindle app or device)

   If you think you're more than capable of following these guidelines then keep on reading.

How to Apply

   To get onto our list of of ARC Readers, all it takes is a simple email with the following information listed:

  • Your preferred genres and length of stories to read

  • A list of anything that will make you stop reading a book. We don't want to give you something you might not be the ideal reader of

  • Which of the following platforms that you can and will submit reviews on: GoodReads, Amazon, personal blog, BookBub, Barnes & Noble, !ndigo Chapters. If there is somewhere else that you typically list reviews, please tell us what it is as we are open to expanding this list.

  • If you have any samples of previous reviews you have done, we would love to read them.

  • Your kindle email address which should be set to receive emails from (How to add an email address to receive documents in your Kindle Library)

  • The best email to contact you at about upcoming releases. We will only contact you if we think that the release will be of interest to you and we will only send you an ARC if you have agreed to review a novel

   If you think you're more than capable of following these guidelines then keep on reading.

Are you ready?

   If you've read all the above and are interested in reviewing ARCs, go on and send us that email.

   Just a few final things:

  • If you are discovered illegally distributing the ARC, you will be removed from the ARC Readers list and legal action may follow. 

  • If you are sent ARCs to review and do not review them within the specified timeframe, a note will be made on your file. If you do not complete more than two reviews without notifying us of the reason for not completing it or your reviews are determined to be inauthentic, you will be removed permanently from the ARC Readers list. 

  • If we have not heard back from you in a year or more regarding interest in reading one of our ARCs we will assume that you are no longer interested in reviewing and remove you from the list. You may reapply at any time.

  • If you ever want to be removed from the ARC list, please simply send us an email stating that you would like to be removed and we will do so immediately. You may reapply at any time.


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