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The Cranes of Blackwell by J.D. Kellner

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Bergden and Alyssa Crane are dutiful citizens of the Regime. Bergden, a Regime blackjack and Alyssa, a faithful wife, do what they can to provide for their son, James even when it means sacrificing their very freedom. But when Bergden is accused of treason, the Cranes must flee for their lives to escape the terrible reach of the Regime. During the escape, Bergden and Alyssa become separated. Now, Bergden and Alyssa will do whatever they must, and against all odds, to unite their family. With the tyrannical Chancellor Kroft hunting them night and day, both must discover their inner strengths to conquer their fears and find each other’s arms. Little do they realize that a greater threat lurks in the shadows. *** The Crane family, living in the iron grip of a brutal, unforgiving regime, is torn asunder. The Cranes must overcome the impossible odds stacked against them and conquer their demons to be reunited as a family once more. ISBN Hardcover: 978-1-7774408-4-8 Paperback: 978-1-7774408-3-1 eBook: 978-1-7774408-2-4 Universal Link - Get it where you want it!

Released April 6, 2021


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